Benjamin Welton, New York Journal of Books

"Seligman writes with speed and interest about the often dry world of criminal law. The Third Degree is a fascinating and easy read that can be consumed in one sitting. You will end the day much smarter, for this book is highly informative." MORE

Mara Bovsun, New York Daily News

"Although no one could predict it at the time, the grisly scene would one day contribute to a sweeping change in U.S. justice, wrote Scott Seligman in his book The Third Degree. This triple homicide is one reason Americans know, by heart, the words, 'You have the right to remain silent." MORE

 Meredith Grahl Counts, Foreword Reviews

"This is a book with real crime-noir appeal and serious implications. Braiding together the stories of the crime, the accused and the legal consequences highlights the significance of the grisly events, bringing potboiler intrigue to legal matters. Seligman deftly investigates the steps taken to protect others from the cruelty and oversight Wan suffered at the hands of the American policing and legal systems." MORE

Pennsylvania Literary Journal

"A dramatic and insightful read for anybody who cares about human rights." MORE

John Kelly, Washington Post

"Ziang Sung Wan v. United States was referenced in a later court case, one called Miranda v. Arizona. If that sounds familiar, it's because it inspired the dialogue in a thousand police procedurals on TV: 'You have the right to remain silent.'" MORE

Sheri Hoyte, Reader Views

"An intense and compelling narrative. Seligman provides thorough education and history in his text that does not bog down the actual telling of the story." MORE

Mary Welek Atwell, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books

"It tells a fascinating story and raises some significant questions about the rights and protections of people - especially those regarded as 'outsiders' - who are brought in contact with the criminal justice system." MORE

Seth Ferranti, Vice

"Scott Seligman breaks down the true crime saga that shocked the nation and helped shape police interactions in the legal system and American popular culture." MORE

Paul French, Author of the Bestselling Midnight in Peking

"Scott D. Seligman has recovered from history a ghastly true crime from 1919 that had a significant impact on the direction of the U.S. justice system. Seligman’s deep knowledge of China, the history of America’s Chinese communities and the U.S. legal system combine to reveal this story of how we protect minorities and the weak within the law."


Professor Ira Belkin, New York University School of Law

"In the tradition of such classics as Gideon’s Trumpet, The Third Degree provides the human story behind a seminal Supreme Court decision. Scott D. Seligman, a meticulous researcher and an excellent writer, fills gaps in our knowledge with a story that has never been told before. Anyone interested in modern American history, the lives of early immigrants or the justice system in its formative years will find this book of interest."

Nancy Yao Maasbach, President, Museum of Chinese in America

"With The Third Degree, Seligman finds himself the bonafide creator of the Chinese American sublime. One marvels at Seligman's ability to weave complex, nuanced, unpublished research - often found in multiple dialects - into a moreish masterpiece."

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